About me

my name is Alessandro, and I am an Italian guy.
I live in Cento near Ferrara.
I decided to open this blog to find out my creativeness.

The mostly used language in the world is English so this blog is written half in English and half in Italian.

This will be a good exercise for me and it will make also the contents of this blog enjoyable from who doesn’t speak Italian.

I did of one of my passions my job: from 2003 I make computer freelance for some firms of the north Italy. I primarily develop software on Embedded systems and software on PC in Linux and Windows.

Besides the passion for the computer I have a visceral passion for the poetry, culinary art, motors and sea.

I have stupendous parents and fantastic friends (The Villa Arzilla PEOPLE). I’m pretty selective and pretty determined, but luckily not too much stubborn. I always try to smile, also when the things are not all right, but I don’t always succeed in this. Sometimes I’m late, but always reliable. My biggest defect I hold both the impulsiveness, that sometimes brings me to commit coarse errors. In end, I am an incurable sentimental: so I believe in the true and real love.

I would like to live on the sea, even in the South of Italy, but I have to be satisfied of the sea of Lidi Ferraresi.

I am a big fan of Valentine Rossi and I love the motorbikes.

This is a little about me…
Have fun reading my blog.